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FL-2 shunt

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Zhejiang Chog Electric Co.,Ltd.,We are one of leading enterprises specialized in designing, manufacturing,we own modern production lines and high quality controlling equipments with scientific administration,professional engineers,highly trained technicians and skilled workers.Consequently,our products are of both high quality and high ratio of performance and are widely exported to worldwide markets with good reputation and credit.Now we are selling products to North and South America,Middle East, Southeast Asia,Western Europe, Africa,Hong Kong,Taiwan area and etc...

Standard type:
   1.FL-2 series type shunt ,precision class 0.5
      Secondary voltage:20mv,30mv,50mv,75mv,100mv and so on.
   2.FL-27 series type shunt,precision class 0.2
      Secondary voltage:20mv,30mv,50mv,75mv,100mv and so on .
   3.FL-21 series export type shunt,precision class 0.5
      Secondary voltage:20mv,30mv,50mv,75mv,100mv and so on
   4.FL-12 series type shunt,FL-13A type shunt,FL-29 type shunt,FL-39 type shunt,DIN43073 type shunt,Russia shunt,Korea shunt,India shunt,Turkey shunt,American shunt and so on.
     We sincerely welcome customers from worldwide to share our good quality products and services.With ceaseless efforts and developments in design and technology,we will surely do better and better.
    We can OEM or manufacture according to sample or drawings from customers.

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