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XMTD-D700 series intelligent temperature controller,Multi-input intelligent temperature controller
XMTD-D700 series artificial intelligent temperature controller
Multi-input intelligent controller
XMT- □-D□□□ series artificial intelligent temperature controller adopts original no wire-jumper technology, all the data setting、 function mode selection、 accuracy demarcating etc achieved through keyboard of meter. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, thermal power, light industry, plastic machinery, food machinery, regenerative furnace etc many kinds of fields.
Technical specifications
0.  Input signal: K、E、S、J、N、Pt100、Cu50;
1.  Measuring range: K(0~1300℃) 、E(0~800℃) 、S(0~1700℃) 、J(0~1000℃) 、N(0~1300℃) 、Pt100(-200~600°C) 、Cu50(-50~150℃)
2.  Measuring accuracy: 0.3 grade (0.3%FS±1℃)
3.  Resolution: 0.1℃
4.  Adjust mode: position mode adjust(ON/OFF) or with self-setting(AT) 、manual work intelligent adjust(no need to adjust PID data by manual work)
5.  Alarm function: upper limit、lower limit alarm(signal output of contact switch)
6.  Power: 85~265VAC/50~60HZ or 220VAC
7.  Power consumption: ≤3W
8.  Ambient temperature: 0~55℃
9.  Relatively temperature: ≤85%
Model definition
①、D-Design Number, refer to multi-input.
②、External dimension:
       1:48x48;   4:48x96;   5:96x48;   6:80x160;  7:72x72;   8:80x160;  9:96x96
③、Output mode of governing regulation;
       0.  Contact signal output of relay
       5.  Solid state relay (SSR) output;
       7.  Driving voltage output of control silicon;
       8.  zero crossing contact signal output of 3-phase silicon control;
④、Alarm mode:
       0.  without alarm signal;
       1.  upper limit contact signal output;
       2.  lower limit contact signal output;
       3.  upper&lower limit contact signal output;
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