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CB600H med-pressure series high performance general vector inverter
Technical points:
·Input power supply: 3-phase AC690V-1140V/50HZ.
·Control mode: torsion control/ with PG vector control/with PG vector control.
·With zero speed moment output-servo locking function (0HZ/150%SVC,0.5HZ/180%VC).
·Soft restart when overload and stable stop function to reduce the strike for electric network.
·Find out machinery point of resonance by machinery analyzer and prevent resonance producing.
·With standard RS485 communication interface, adopts standard Modbus communication agreement, particular function expansion card is optional.
·Manifold running control and protect function (like overcurrent、overvoltage、overload、short circuit、phase-missing、undervoltage etc)
·Outside LED operation panel offered in order for more convenient and fast operating system.
Use widely in industry enterprises at 590V/1140V voltage including draper-type conveyor、fuel pump in the oil field 、coal feeder、drag conveyer、electric power factory、smelt blower and pump etc;
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