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CB540T series all-in-on energy saving tank iverter
Technical points:
·Power range: 7.5KW-75KW (3-phase 380V CB540T)
·Two control modes: without PG vector control (SVC)、V/F control.
·High protect design, optimized install layout, high use ratio of tank space for more wide demand.
·Automatic voltage adjust: when power line voltage changes, it can keep the voltage constant automatically.
·Frequency setting mode: Match input between pressure signal and flow signal.
·With auto-reset、power-fail rest function to ensure continuous and efficient production.
·Rotate speed tracking restart function to achieve a smooth start for rotating motor.
·Nominal frequency/frequency conversion design to ensure normal running.
·Outside LED operation panel offered in order for more convenient and fast operating system.
Typical application including injection molding machine industry、energy-saving recast of central air conditioner、rolling machine、hydraulic machine etc.
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