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CB500P series dryer pump type inverter
Technical points:
·Matching wonderfully with dryer water pump, which can control maximum 7 (1+6) pieces of pumps.
·Recycle soft-start function, with clock chip inside for easy time control.
·It can set for 6 groups of pressure time in order to suit actual water supply change.
·Take in turns to start in the needed situation only, which can reduce energy consumption and  noises   overwhelmingly.
·Pool level checking and control to prevent quadric pollution.
·Overpressure and undervoltage for pipe network, can finish the record for trouble pump and emergency pump automatically.
·With standard RS485 communication interface, adopts standard Modbus communication agreement.
    CB500P transmission applicable to constant pressure water supply, dryer cooling, subway and tunnel dryer etc, typical
application including:
·Life、warmer、fire control water supply system of high-rise, residence community、enterprises and institutions;
·Circulatory system of central air conditioner、water supply system of industrial boiler and individual mass water supply system;
·Constant oil transmission system of oil pumps and oil transmission pipeline in the oil field etc;
·sewage manage 、forcing pump station for water supply etc;
·Irrigation and drainage equipments of large-scale square 、green area and farms;
·Heat supply pipeline and blower equipments of thermal power company.
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